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Desktop YL-2A Capsule Tablet Counting Machine Free shipping to US/CA
YL-2A Counter free DHL shipping to US/CA
Item ID #A0081



YL-2A machine has been designed and developed to count and fill different shape or size of products accurately like capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into containers or vials.
The machine can be adjusted to count capsules or tablets between 1-9999 pcs per bottle without changing spare parts.



1.Freely to set the count quantity from 1 to 9999 per work.
2.Made by stainless steel, It is fully abided with GMP requiremen.
3.Well design structure, easy to operation , maintain and clean.
4.Precision pellet count through special electrical eye protection device.
5.Using the vibratory feed setting and rotary count design makes count work more fast and stable.
6.Working speed of count can be adjusted.
7.Inside of machine connecting a suction device. Matarial (Powder) is hard to effect the machine to work.
8.Could freely exchange the tablets or capsules to work with counter without replacing the different mould for work.
9.YL-2 machine type can count with 1 bottle per time.
10.YL-4 machine type can count with 2 bottle at once.



The price of this item just for 1pcs YL-2A with free DHL shipping to US/Canada. Other country please have to contact us to get a new quotation. Here we professional service email address:

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