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RTP9 Or ZP9 and Three Dimensional Mixer For Sale
If you order ZP9A Rotary tablet press and Three Dimensional mixer together, you can get a discount.
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Both ZP9A Rotary Tablet Press Machine and VH Mixer is applied in Food, Chemical, Electronics, especially in Pharmaceutical Industry.  The material would be granule and be mixed throughly before they can be pressed into the tablets. In this case, mixer and tablet compression press are used. Currently, among all the mixer, three dimensional mixers are the most ideal one because the mixing barrel moves in multiple direction, which is no centrifugal force acting on the material, as well as no phenomina of gravity segreation, delamination and accumulation of material. Therefore,  the mixing rate can be up to 99%. 

Technical parameters:

Punch dis set: 9 sets
Max. pressure: 40 kn
Max. Diameter of tablet: 12mm
Max. Thickness of tablet: 6mm
Max. Depth of filling: 15mm
Max. Production capacity: 16200pc/m
Dia. of turret: 200mm
Rotary speed of turret: 0-30r/min
Dia. of center form: 26mm
Height of center form: 22mm
Dia. Of upper/lower punching bar: 22mm
Length of upper/lower punching bar: 115mm
Overall size: 450mm*635mm*1100mm
Motor power: 1.5kw
Voltage: 220v/380v

Three Dimensional Mixer:

Type Tank Volume Mixing Speed Dimension Max. capacity Weight
SYH-200 200L 0-8r/min 140*180*1600 100KG 700
SYH-400 400L 0-8r/min 1800*2100*1950 200kg 1200
SYH-600 600L 0-8r/min 1900*2100*2250 300KG 1500
SYH-1000 1000L 0-8r/min 2250*2600*2600 600kg 2500

1. Multi-direction movement
2. 360 mixing
3. 80% charging volume
4. Suitable for powder or granule
5. 99% mixing rate
6. Short mixing time

The image of the ZP-9A  rotary tablet machine and VH mixer:


1. The price is just for ZP9a machine and three dimensional mixer to USA with free DHL shipping. If you are from other countries, please contact us: punch-dies@hotmail.com. We will give you a new quotation with best time.

2. Many customers  definitely care about the custom clearance, so we can disassemble the machine into three pacels or more,  and then send them separately. 
Under this circumstance, it can easily pass the custom clearance.Welcome to inquire us in email: 

Delivery Time: Within 10 days after your payment.

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