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ZP33 Rotary Tablet Press Machine
This is ZP33 Rotary Tablet Press Machine manufactured by KOS Industry company.
Item ID #A0060
Product Description:

This machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various kinds of granular materials.It is primary

machine to fit batch production of tablets.The mechanism of the machine belongs tdoublepress type.It

consists of two sets of feed assemblage and pressroller unit.The turret carries 33sets of punches and dies,

so 66 tablets Will be pressed for each revolition of the turret.During operation,the speed of the turret

rotation,the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tab-lets can be adjusted.The mechanical

buffer unit will prevent punches and apparatus from overload damage.A powder suction unit is atta-ched

to take in residual powder during the op-eration,so that the blockage by the residual powder can be

eliminated and the collectsd po-wder material can be reused.This machine has won the Fine Quality

Product Prize awarded by China National Medical Management Bureau.

Main Techinical Parameter:

Dies 33sets
Max.Pressure   40kn
Max.Dia.of Tablet 13mm
Max.Depth of Fill 15mm
Max.Thickness of Tablet 6mm
Turret Speed 11-28r/min
Production Capacity  4.3-11pc/h
Motor  2.2kw 960r/min380/50v/hz
Overall Size  930*900*1600mm
Net Weight 850kg
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