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ZP-12 Rotary Tablet Press Machine
Item ID #A0012
ZP-12 Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Technique parameter

Model: ZP-12
Dies: 12 set
Max.Pressure: 60kn
Max.dia.of tablet: 22mm
Max.Depth of fill: 15mm
Thickness of largest tablet: 6mm
Turret speed: 30r/min
Production capacity: 21600pc/h
Motor: 2.2kw
Overall dimensions: 820mm*650mm*1550mm
Net weight: 820kg

Product description:

ZP-12 machine is designed for pressing tablet, which is a single -press type, continuous automatic rotary tablet press machine. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical,electric and other industry departments. The ZP-12 pill press machine is compliance with the GMP requirement on the production of pharmaceuticals. Machine speed, the depth of filling, the thickness of the tablet could be adjust. This ZP-12 rotary tablet press variety of granular and powder material, you can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets.


1.Easy to install, use, maintain and move.
2.Automatically rotate style bring the high-efficiency.
3.Excellent performance, strong adaptability.
4.High pressure and with high precision.

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