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DP-30 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine
That is dp30 single punch tablet press for laboratory.
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DP-30 Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Technique parameter

Product models: DP30
Dies(sets): 1 set
Production of products: 3600 pcs / per hour
The max. tablet diameter: 20mm
The max. tablet thickness: 6mm
The max. filling depth: 20mm
Max.Pressure: 60KN
Motor: 220V/0.55KW/50HZ
Overall size: 708mm * 459mm * 740mm
Net weight:150kg

Product description:

DP30 is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and laboratory, which can press variety of granular and powder material into different shape tablets, like round shape, heart shape, oval shape and other irregular shape. DP30 is a single tablet press machine and it's an ideal equipment for research laboratories, research institutes and small-scale production. DP30 pill press is reasonable, easy to use, conform to “GMP” requirement and pressing the tablets with high precision.


1.Easy to install, use, maintain and move.
2.Excellent performance, strong adaptability.
3.High pressure, high-efficiency, and with high precision.


This price is for one complete set DP30 tablet press machine with free shipping.This price included clearance broker service/tax/us to us delivery service.That will be 100% warranty shipping.and delivery from USA/CA Location Warehouse.That will be safe delvery in location.

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